From the majestic architecture of Westminster Abbey to the colourful and vibrant west end, and the ecstatic atmosphere in Oxford Street, London is truly a metropolitan city with something to do for everyone. In this article, we are going to explore just a few of London’s top attractions and where to find them.

London for the History Buff

Anyone who is an avid history lover needs to have London on their bucket list. Whether it is to explore its ancient Roman roots or to travel back in time way to the period when Stonehenge was erected, or closer to modernity to the times of the two World Wars, London is definitely the place to be.

That is not to mention the majestic Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle or Kensington Palace for the fans of the Royal Family.

The bottom line is, that no matter which historic era you are interested in, London has something to tickle your fancy!

London for the Shopaholic

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