Alphe UK is one of those events you should never miss if you work in the educational youth travel industry.

In fact, around 1200 between agents, educators and providers came to London to attend this very well organised fair which is becoming one of the benchmarks for all the educational industry.

We went to the venue, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, the day before to set up the stand and make sure all the marketing material was ready for our meetings. Brochures, mini brochures, bags, coasters, pens were all there and so we had a few drinks at the reception where all the Alphe Team was welcoming agents and schools in the nicest way.

The two days fair went smoothly, and we had the opportunity to talk to several current and new agents and also to exhibit the Londonist brand through an irresistible marketing campaign: in fact, the three panels in the middle of the main room were showing our campaign “#LiveYourFuture” with two massive pictures from the student residences’ communal areas and one about the student life.

Since 2017, when I started to participate in trade fairs with Londonist, I have been learning that companies play a very important role within trade fairs, reinforcing the brand awareness within the whole industry and establishing themselves with agents and educators during the one or more days of trade show.

What I also learnt is that at the end of the fair, companies should ask themselves “Am I sure I’ve given my best to attract my target?”For us at Londonist DMC, trade fairs have always represented an opportunity for the company’s business and this has always brought home tangible results, however, we know how the educational industry relies on trust prominently and relationships take time to turn into a booking or a new partnership.

So much is required from a company which is going to attend a national or international trade fair: in terms of promotion and communication, we usually pays advertising on sector magazines, promotes creation of web content and of strategically designed contents to arouse interest in our target audience.

So, marketing activities begin before, during and after the fair. About two weeks before the fair, we start with the social promotion on the corporate channels of Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. This is to invite our followers to visit us and to follow the event. We also send a newsletter to all our geolocated contacts in the region where the fair will take place. We publish in real time photos of visitors and partners who come to visit us at our stand.

After the fair, we collect the best pictures and write a blog article which we promote on our social media.

Gadgets are also a strategic weapon of seduction. Behind the gadget, however, there must be a careful study to ensure that it is a tool to attract the visitor’s attention by stimulating him to go to your stand. It must create curiosity, it must know how to create vitality within the fair to divulge the brand throughout the fair.

By experience we can say that participating in the trade shows gives the possibility to develop contents and relate with people, thus obtaining a great brand awareness!

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