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London's Hackney Wick, a vibrant haven for different food spots and group and community activities. Just like every neighbourhood in London, Hackney Wick is also gearing up for the most magical time of the year. The air is filled with the scent of cinnamon, the streets are adorned with twinkling lights, and the spirit of celebration is contagious.

Here's your ultimate guide to experiencing the best Winter Holiday events in this diverse and eclectic corner of London: 

1. Discover the Enchanting Markets

Get lost in the charm of Hackney Wick's Christmas markets. But first, visit the Christmas Tree Market at Hackney Wick to find the best tree for you. From handmade crafts to locally crafted gifts and delectable festive treats, these markets are a student's haven. Swing by Wick Wonderland for unique gifts for your friends or Wick Wonderland at Barge East for last minute gift-shopping. 

2. Dive into Creative Workshops 

If you want to build your gifts, Urban Makers Market got you! Unleash your artistic side with a myriad of workshops hosted by local artists and studios at Urban Makers Market at the Ecology Pavilion. Check out Urban Makers Market at the Ecology Pavilion for hands-on and affordable workshops to ignite your creativity. The workshops will be held on November 27 and 28th and December 12th. You can learn to punch needling, origami making and Christmas embroidery making.  

3. Groove to Live Performances 

Hackney Wick comes alive with music during the holidays. Whether you're into indie bands, acoustic sets, or DJ nights, you'll find something to tap your feet to. You can even experience live music that reflects the warmth and joy of the Winter Holidays. Electrowerkz is already ready for the Winter Holidays with its DJs and cabaret-style dining arrangements. If you want something more traditional Big Easy Canary Wharf presents its holiday spirit from the financial district’s skyline but don’t get uneasy because of the weather. Weatherproof protections will protect you from the weather and you can still sip your mulled wine while enjoying your appetisers and the live music.  

4. Engage in Interactive Festivities

Seeking something interactive? Dive into themed restaurants and pubs and maybe even festive-themed game nights, or immersive experiences tailored for the season. Or you can go towards a different direction entirely and go to a place where the American Wild West is here and thriving! Moonshine Saloon promises a card games-filled evening perfect for anyone who wants to run away from the cold and the rain even just for a few hours.  

5. Volunteer and Give Back 

Embrace the true spirit of Winter Holidays by volunteering for community-driven initiatives. Hackney Wick offers opportunities to contribute and make a difference during the holiday season. Check out Hackney Winter Night Shelter for ways to get involved and spread some festive cheer. Considering Hackney Winter Night Shelter provides a warm bed and food for people who are experiencing homelessness, you can join them and extend a helping hand this December.  

6. Navigating Hackney Wick 

For students making their way to Hackney Wick, the subways are your friend. Use Bethnal Green to reach the heart of the festive action. After a day of festivities, recharge at student-friendly cafes like The Wick or grab a bite at Clarinco Club with their delicious coffee. 


Hackney Wick isn't your average neighbourhood—it's a vibrant centre of creativity and holiday cheer. Dive into its distinctive events, soak up the local culture, and craft enduring memories in this lively, student-friendly pocket of London. 

Have your say! 

Share your favourite Christmas experiences in Hackney Wick with us! Tag us on social media @londonistdmc, and let's celebrate the season together. 

Londonist DMC

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