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Did you know that Airbnb does experiences?

One of the main great aspects of studying in London or abroad in any case, is exploring the place you are living - learning about the culture, architecture and doing fun things!

Airbnb Experiences have a wide range of one-of-a-kind tours and experiences hosted by experts. Yes, we know absolutely amazing!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, a lot of experiences have been put on pause at the moment. But do not worry, ONLINE experiences are just as great, and keep you busy during these times! A perfect way to keep connected with people and also travel virtually.

Online Experiences



Rum Masterclass with a Pro

Learn to become a cocktail pro with an emphasis on Rum from the comfort of your own home with an award winning bartender.

Find out what it takes to me become a bartender at the highest level while learning the history of rum!

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Make Mexican Street Tacos with a Pro Chef

Always wanted to learn how to make tacos? Well now is the chance – get yourself learning how to cook like a true Mexican, from a pro with a step-by-step taco cooking class!

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Sit and Get Fit with Adaptive Yoga

Yoga? Yes please! Get yourself immersed in a gentle but effective workout, that is designed to make yoga accessible to more people and you’ll be encouraged to go at your own pace! Let’s strengthen that mind-body connection!

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'True vs False' Funny Historical Game

Fancy an interactive game with the greatest philosopher of all times: Socrates! Amazing facts, unique stories all from ancient Greece – See if you can spot the TRUE or FALSE stories!

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When Lockdown Is Over



Shoreditch Street Art, Music & History Tour

Explore the area through its music, culture, history, architecture and art group. A top experience of Airbnb in London and voted as best UK Walking Experience by iNews.

A tour of Shoreditch and Brick Lane will make you explore London in a unique way.

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Walking Tour of Cambridge!

A unique tour - Takes in some of the famous colleges and historic sights of the city as you go down the quaint alleyways and tread the cobbled streets whilst hearing the quirky facts and stories of the colleges and their colourful alumni

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