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Are you ready to spread your wings and secure your nest for the upcoming academic year? Londonist, your trusted companion in student accommodations, is thrilled to unveil our exclusive Early Bird Campaign, designed to make your transition into student life smoother, greener, and downright unforgettable!

What Awaits Early Birds?

Green Initiative:

Join us in our commitment to environmental stewardship! We pledge to plant a tree for every student who reserves a spot with Londonist. Yes, you heard it right – by securing your accommodation early, you secure a comfortable abode for yourself and contribute to a greener planet. Picture the satisfaction of knowing that your stay with us enriches your academic journey while nurturing Mother Nature!

Cleaning Perks:

Let's be honest – amidst lectures, study sessions, and city explorations, who has time for mundane chores? Fear not! Reserve your stay for 44 weeks or more and receive 5 FREE cleaning sessions. Even if you opt for a stay of 30+ weeks, you'll still enjoy 2 complimentary cleaning sessions. Bid farewell to scrub floors and welcome a pristine, hassle-free space to focus on your studies and create lasting memories!

Personalise Your Space: 

Elevate your student living experience with a selection of essential companions! Whether you're a culinary enthusiast envisioning gourmet meals with our Air Fryer, keeping your beverages chilled with a Mini Fridge, or a health-conscious individual ready to kickstart your mornings with a Smoothie Maker, we have something to enhance your living space and infuse your student life with enjoyment!

How to Redeem Your Rewards?

Secure Your Accommodation:

Reserve your preferred accommodation early to unlock many benefits. Make the required payments.

Select Your Stay Duration:

Tailor your rewards package by choosing between 30+ weeks or 44+ weeks.

Choose Your Appliance: 

Select your preferred appliance from the available options and prepare to elevate your living space.

Sit Back and Relax:

Let Londonist take care of the rest! Enjoy a seamless booking process and anticipate a stress-free student living experience brimming with happiness, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments! Secure your room for the 2024-25 academic year and enjoy exclusive benefits! Reserve now to secure your place, claim your rewards, and join us in positively impacting the environment – one tree at a time! Don't miss out on these exclusive advantages – join us today, and let's make this academic year unforgettable – for both the books and the trees!

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