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Hello, fellow Londonists! On World Book Day, we continue our series on independent bookshops in London. If you missed our first post, you can read it here

But What Is World Book Day?

World Book Day, also known as World Book and Copyright Day or International Day of the Book, is a celebration of books by the director of Cervantes Publishing House in 1922. This celebration became so popular over the years that in 1995, UNESCO recognised World Book Day's significance. Even though the rest of the world celebrates World Book Day on April 23rd every year, it's celebrated in March in the UK and Ireland. Every year, UNESCO picks the World Book Capital and Strasbourg this year! 

For London, independent bookshops are a big part of the city. Sprinkled all over the city, independent bookshops are the cultural spectacle of the town, and they may be its most significant charm for book lovers. Let's continue our Independent Bookshops in London with another set of indie bookshops, shall we?

Independent Bookshops in London

Word on the Water

This bookshop in London floats! Located in the waters of Regent's Canal since 2011, Word on the Water is much more interesting than most chain store bookshops you will see worldwide. Even though the bookshop may not look like it can carry many books, the looks can be deceiving. In Word on the Water, you will see all the new releases and rare gems in this bookshop. Word on the Water also provides a venue to attend live music events and poetry sessions. If you need help visualising how a boat can turn into a bookshop, we suggest you watch our reel about Word on the Water!

John Sandoe Books

When you get inside John Sandoe Books, you may feel like you have travelled back in time. Some creaky floors, staircases on the narrower side, cluttered books in piles and gentlemen who might remind you of either Sherlock Holmes or Aziraphale. Don't worry; you are still in London at the moment, and this is the charm of John Sandoe Books. Founded in 1957 by John Sandoe, it is the bookish fantasy for all bibliophiles who want to live in London and lose themselves in piles of books while looking for the book that'll change their lives forever. 

John Sandoe Books also has a podcast. If you want to listen to the significant British history through a bookish lens, follow their podcast on Spotify or iTunes. 

London Review Bookshop

If you are a bookworm who loves book reviews, you may already recognise London Review Bookshop's name. Yes, that London Review of Books! The magazine opened the Bookshop of the British literary magazine London Review of Books; this independent bookshop in London is essential to the book scene. When you visit the London Review Bookshop, there is a good chance you will see some British literary intellectuals sipping delicious coffee. At the same time, you browse the books on the shelves. When you are finished browsing the book, you can always visit the bookshop cafe and eat a delicious slice of cake. No wonder this independent bookshop is a must-see place for travellers in London! 

South Kensington Books

South Kensington Books' green colour first draws you into the book. However, South Kensington Books is much more than its charming and perfect exterior. Its location has been a bookshop since the 1940s, and it's one of the building blocks of local business ownership and the independent bookshop scene. If you are a book lover who goes after different editions of your favourite books, South Kensington Books might be the perfect place since they have a special place for exclusive Independent Bookshop editions. 

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