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We're almost in 2024, and the festivities for Christmas have slowed down. However, one significant event in London during this time is New Year's Eve fireworks. Watching the fireworks display is one of the most exciting ways to welcome the new year. These shows start at 8 PM and build a crescendo by entering the new year; entering 2024 will be no exception. This post will present the top seven spots close to your student residence in London where you can enjoy stunning fireworks on New Year's Eve in London.

1. Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace is an entertainment and sports arena with historical significance. The Palace was built as the Palace of the People in the 19th century, and over the years, Alexandra Palace has become a cultural centre where the most prominent events took place. Also, presenting the Bonfire Night celebrations with fireworks every November, you can go to Alexandra Palace to watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve. In the London Borough of Haringey, halfway between Wood Green and Muswell Hill, Alexandra Palace offers breathtaking sweeping city views. From this vantage point, you can watch all the fireworks that will light up the sky over the city. If you are a student in the Highbury Residence, you can use city transit to get there in 25 minutes.

2. Cannon Street

Cannon Street is a street in the City of London that serves as the city's contemporary financial hub and historic centre. The Street is about parallel to the Thames River. Cannon Street is ideal for people looking to watch the show without going over budget because they're close enough to the action. However, since these locations draw large crowds, it's a good idea to be there early to guarantee your seat, given how near they are to the ticketed area. If you're living in Spitalfield Residence, going to Cannon Street will be short since the student residence is close to Cannon Street.

3. Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is an area of open parkland in northwest London's Hampstead Heath, located toward the southeast. It has unlimited city views and is an excellent spot to see the fireworks. Families frequently congregate here to watch the celebrations for free. Plus, because it is a reasonably large location, you may spread out a picnic blanket and bring fold-up chairs to enjoy the show comfortably.

4. Central London Bridges

The closest locations to the action are the surrounding bridges, Westminster Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, and Victoria Embankment. For the latter, arrive early because admission is prohibited after 8 PM, and the adjoining Hungerford Bridge will be closed. You can see The Millenium Bridge and Southwark Bridge clearly from a little distance farther down the river, but if you want a bit more room, go to Vauxhall Bridge or Lambeth Bridge, which are close to Vega Residence, making it simple to go there in 7 to 15 minutes by bus.

5. Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is situated north of Regent's Park in London, England. This public park has been welcoming visitors since 1842, and if you want a lively crowd while watching the fireworks, Primrose Hill might be the perfect spot for you. It's just a short distance from Camden's noisy streets. Take a short walk over the bridge, up the picturesque High Street, and the 76-meter hill for some of London's best vistas. Arrive early to secure a good spot. You may take the metro; the nearest tube station is Chalk Farm. If you're a student living in Islington Residence, you can easily reach the park by any vehicle since even riding a bike to Primrose Hill will only take 15 minutes.

6. Greenwich Park

If you're living in Lewisham Exchange, you're in incredible luck! Greenwich Park is one of the largest open spaces in southeast London and a former hunting park near Greenwich. You may see a wide variety of New Year's Eve fireworks from the park's fantastic vantage points, which cover the entire city, particularly from the summit of Point Hill. In addition, Greenwich Park feels incredibly charming during this time of year.

7. Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is a hill or other chosen natural elevation used in an optical telegraph network. You can experience incredible views from hilltops and reach out to north London. You can go up high to Telegraph Hill in the south. There are two outstanding places to watch the fireworks in the Brockley - Lewisham region. Suppose you want to watch the fireworks yet stay within your Lewisham Residence. In that case, you can experience the festivities in Telegraph Hill, a relatively short walk from your student residence in London. Remember that the best locations to watch fireworks on New Year's Eve in London can get quite crowded, so it's essential to make plans in advance, get there early, and be mindful of any rules or safety precautions that may be in effect. These places guarantee an unforgettable and charming start to the new year in one of the most famous cities in the world as London comes alive with lights and celebration.

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