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Did you know that 23.8% of international students worldwide study in the UK?

Let's explore what makes the UK such an appealing destination for global learners based on insights from UCAS:


UK universities are renowned for their academic excellence, with 47% of students citing this as a primary factor in their decision to study in the UK. The UK's higher education institutions have a long-standing reputation for delivering quality education and conducting groundbreaking research across various fields.

Desire to Live in the UK:

The UK's diverse culture and rich history attract 45% of international students who seek to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural landscape. From iconic landmarks to cultural festivals, the UK offers a unique blend of experiences that enrich the student journey beyond academics.

Teaching Quality:

With 43% of students prioritising teaching quality, the UK's commitment to excellence in education is a significant draw for international learners. UK universities are known for their innovative teaching methods, world-class facilities, and expert faculty who provide a supportive learning environment for students.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK remains a highly regarded destination for international students, with 88% of applicants viewing it positively. This resilience underscores the enduring appeal of UK higher education and its ability to adapt to changing global circumstances while maintaining high standards of academic excellence.

To support international students further, UCAS has introduced Myriad, a comprehensive platform offering resources in 14 languages. Myriad aims to streamline the application process and provide personalised student support by offering information on universities, courses, accommodation options, part-time jobs, scholarships, and more.

The latest data from UCAS also reveals interesting trends in international student recruitment. While the UK's market share of mobile students has fluctuated over the years, the number of students from outside the UK applying via UCAS has nearly tripled in the past decade, indicating sustained interest in UK higher education.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of international education, we must recognise the UK's role as a leading destination for global learners. With its renowned academic institutions, diverse cultural offerings, and commitment to excellence, the UK continues attracting students worldwide seeking a quality education and enriching experiences.

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