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Are you feeling a little lower than usual lately? You’re not alone.

It’s been an extremely hard time for us all, there’s been a new wave of stress... Coronavirus. There have been many pressures that have come from Coronavirus and lockdown, mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s a new and difficult time, bringing a lot of change and a lot of uncertainty - but the main importance is looking after your mental health and well- being!

A great way to help you get through these worrying times is by having a routine. Can you put your hand up and admit to having a structured routine over the past few months? Or have your days been all over the place? If you haven’t, try structuring a routine into your life - it makes a massive difference! It’s a great way to build up positivity, reduce stress levels and help keep you grounded.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to incorporate more fitness into your daily life, read more books, learn how to cook up your family’s signature dish, but just haven’t found the time? Then get that routine into gear and you’ll find your days are packed with a lot more productivity and with a more positive mind-set.

Self-care. Taking care of yourself is a MUST and with spending so much time indoors, you’ve probably realised the importance. Learning how to maintain good physical and mental health through self-care practices will keep you feeling like yourself, fuel your good days and help you from sinking too low on your bad days.

So, get some good shut eye, pamper yourself, practice meditation, blast some of your favourite music (not too loud please!) and last but not least, breathe – take a moment for yourself and relax. Find what you truly enjoy doing and what makes you happy.

During these tough times, unfortunately anxiety has been really high for a lot of people, many not having experienced this feeling before, and it’s scary! Living in student accommodation and being away from your family and loved ones during a pandemic can makes things even more difficult, but please, never feel that you are alone. Speak up, reach out, talk to someone about how you are feeling. There is always support and help around. Here at the Londonist, we don’t just provide a roof over your head, we provide support and someone to talk to – we are here to help!

So please, take care of your mental health, it’s just as important as your physical health. Put yourself first, try and make routine a priority and practise regular self-care habits, and you’ll find that it will help you deal with all the curve-balls life throws your way.

Londonist DMC

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