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Christmas is Calling!

Christmas this year is likely to be a very different scene to most years. The Londonist team love to celebrate and join in the festivities and we want all of our clients and partners to have fun, even if they can’t be with their loved ones. So, here are some ideas on how to celebrate and have fun in 2020!


We all know the digital ways to be with your loved ones virtually - but maybe try a theme or different idea for Christmas.
Why not try a present opening session together? Or a Christmas games time?
If you like to sing, why not try a Christmas karaoke? You can create a room with Sync Video free and line up your Christmas tunes
If you want to send Christmas cards virtually you can also try for free, add in your own messages and photos and whizz off those greetings.


If cash is tight, have you tried a Secret Santa for your presents? A group of you put your names in a randomiser app or even on paper in a hat, pick one name and just buy for that person rather than everyone.
Try entering the names on

Or you can make presents if you’re seeing each other! Here are some cheap and fun ideas for you

Check out this super cute Rudolphe gift card holder made out of a toilet roll tube (it ticks the ‘recycling’ box!). Find the tutorial on Tried and True Blog

Or you can buy some fillable glass baubles and decorate them how you like, or fill them with sweets, photos, messages etc. For around £10 for 10 you can get really creative! You can find them on

If you have a sweet-toothed friend, how about making some hot chocolate or coffee mixers? Grab some teaspoons (vintage ones are pretty, but any will do!) or even sticks and make them pretty! Here’s a ‘how to’ from Good Housekeeping


Making your student accommodation look festive is easy on a budget!

Try paperchains - really easy to make and you can even buy the kits pre-glued, so you just have to link them. The great thing about paperchains is they take up a lot of visual space so once you’ve done one it looks brilliant straight away!
The Works have kits for £2

Or how about adding this adorable tin can snowman to your dinner table? And you get to eat the tin contents first!

Or, if you don’t have cans but maybe have some paper hanging around, try vamping up your fridge as a snowman

Whatever you try this festive season, Londonist wants to see your pics! Send us your photos and tag us in! @londonistdmc

We wish you every joy of the Holidays,
From your Londonist team.

Londonist DMC

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