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We are a product of the memories we've created over the years. It could be memories of the first time we were allowed to play in the local park as kids. Or the slow and steady process of learning to ride a bike. Adults constantly seek activities and experiences that create magical and long-lasting memories, like hiking the Inca Trail to Machi Puchu in the Urubamba province of Peru.

These special moments or events may have taken place in the past, but the memories linger to the present and help shape our perspective of things in the future. In the words of Joseph B. Wirthlin, 'Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming."  You'll only be a student in London for a limited period, and your accommodation is crucial to ensuring your entire student experience is worth recounting to your friends. That's why we've brainstormed on a rebooker campaign that will allow us to add to your album of colourful memories in London. Without trying to compare or compete with your life's magical memories, we hope your stay with us thus far is adjusting and fitting into your chest drawer of special memories.  Most people spend much time watching series on streaming platforms like Netflix. Our favourite series is written and directed to showcase newer episodes that develop the character, polish the story and create more suspense among viewers.

You are valued as a customer, and we'd love to create more episodes of unique student accommodation experiences.  We'd love to show you more about how we value and appreciate your stay with us. Rebook with us for more magical student accommodation memories. 


Here are the details: 

24 weeks stay - £200 cashback or 10 Free Cleaning 

36 weeks stay - £300 cashback or 15 Free Cleaning 

44 weeks stay - £400 cashback or 20 Free Cleaning


Visit our rebooker page to find out more.  


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