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Ta-da! You’ve landed in London. You might feel a little anxious, but you are excited. You are officially adulting, embracing a new beginning. You want more than just a room – you want a HOME. Depending on the duration of your stay, the Londonist team has whipped up some thoughtful kits to help you dive into city life. 

1. Personalised Decorations to Make Your Space Uniquely Yours

With a minimum stay of 12 weeks, you'll receive a £100 voucher to purchase a variety of personalised items. From room fragrances to pillowcases and photo wall tiles, you can add your own touch to the empty-ish room. Imagine having your name on a diffuser as if you were the inventor, your favourite picture printed on a pillowcase, or a photo collection displayed for those cherished memories.

2. Groove to the Beat With Your Brand-New AirPods

Booking a stay period of over 24 weeks will earn you a shiny pair of AirPods. We’d love to see you indulge in music and podcasts with these comfortable earphones. Whether you’re commuting or hitting the gym, they are your best friend.

3. Enjoy 10 Weeks of Free Cleaning & a Magical SIM Card With 12 Months of Unlimited Data

Who doesn't want a clean and organised room? Ideally, a room that cleans itself. But in reality, you either do it yourself or hire a professional to save the day. The good news is, if you stay with us for at least 43 weeks, we'll provide you with 10 weeks of complimentary cleaning (once per week). Even better, we're throwing in a magical SIM card that offers free data for an entire year. While you're out and about browsing your phone, your room will be getting a tidy-up. Now that's our definition of “dreamy.”

So, dear Londoners, seize the moment while it’s as hot as a freshly brewed cuppa. Don’t miss out on our offerings, filled with heaps of love and blessings for your London adventure.




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