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We want to help our students during lockdown and beyond with some skills and free learning. Your course is great but sometimes you want to learn something new, perhaps totally unrelated to your course.

Learning a new skill or hobby is great for your brain power and, of course, can be the perfect way to unwind and relax (depending on the hobby!).

Londonist have hunted for some fantastic new skills you can learn for free (or virtually free) during lockdown, so you can keep busy, relax and boost that brain.

Today we look at Magic Tricks

Usually our residents have a pack of playing cards somewhere, but if you don’t, they’re very easy to get hold of, for example £1 from Wilko’s Here is link

We loved MisMag822 who gives you some basic tricks to learn and amaze your friends with! Check out the tutorials here:


And if you want to practice a bit of impressive trickery on your friends try these from Evan Era TV to raise a smile!

If you have some scissors and glue handy you can also give these pretty impressive, but simple, tricks from Funny Ideas a try!

And if you’ve impressed everyone you’ve seen, you can always use your pack of cards to learn some new games. We know that you can play cards online, but sometimes it’s good to get a break from the screen for a while and just play some cards around the kitchen table.

There are so many card games to try, we have found a great website that gives you instructions on how to play different games, either with friends or solo. Check it out. Here is link

If you perfect one of these magic tricks, show us the video and tag Londonist in!

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