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With all of the busyness of student life right now we still want to look good, right? And in theory, we have more time to spend making ourselves look insta-ready, even if the bottom half is still in pyjamas.

So the Londonist team have sourced some awesome ways to learn how to make yourself look and feel fabulous, which are totally FREE!


Ok, so let’s get started with hair. Haircuts are not the easiest, there’s a reason that you can find a barber or hairdresser on every street - but there are tutorials out there that show you how to do it well - and even do your OWN hair! So why not give it a try?

What might you need?
Sharp scissors are going to be useful here! You don’t want to be hacking away at your locks. Hairdressing scissors are pretty easy to come by, here’s a pair for under £7 on Amazon:

If you have short hair and need clippers, these are pretty cheap ones too, try this one, which is rechargeable, so you don’t have cords getting in your way:

OK so you have some kit! Now let’s get the clues!

Short hair:

Alpha m channel on

Will show those of you with short haircuts how to Do-It-Yourselves, though in this video he’s not had a cut for a few weeks, in lockdown we’ve been months without a trim so he may need to calm down!

Long hair:

If you’ve got longer hair, and you want to cut it straight, check out Patry Jordan English

Who also has these tutorials in Spanish.

And if you don’t want to brave the cut right now but want some new long hair style inspo, roxxsaurus tips are here for 10 easy styles that don’t even use heat

Top tips:
  • keep it simple. Now isn’t the time to be trying anything complicated
  • do your hairdressing over a clean-able floor, hair gets everywhere so clean it up or you’ll be finding it everywhere later
  • cut less than you think! You can always neaten it up, but once you’ve cut loads off, you can’t stick it back on
  • Check out the advice in the videos about whether it should be wet, damp or dry hair. - with the trimmers, don’t go straight in for the smallest blade guide - you can always go shorter
  • Don’t worry if you’re not perfect at it - you can rock a new hat instead!


Next up we look at beauty - and we don’t mean make up.

Have you ever had a facial massage? Ideally we’d be on a lovely beach somewhere having someone pamper us but if it’s just you, you can give yourself a pamper! Try this video from Sarah Anker London, step back and chillax!

And after all that massaging why not treat your skin to a face mask? You can buy them, of course, but you can also make your own! Fun!

Have a look at this tutorial on how to make your own.

Inside Beauty

And if you want to try adding some zen into your life to bring the beauty within to the outside, you can also try out meditation, there are plenty of guides on youtube, but we love HeadSpace which gives you a free 2 week trial (don’t forget to cancel if you don’t get on with it!)

We also love Calm, which gives guided meditation, background calming music and sounds and some fantastic sleep stories, by famous celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Stephen Fry, Harry Styles and Kelly Rowland. Lovely!

Now you should be fully relaxed and looking gorgeous! Enjoy the pampering and looking after the most important person - YOU.f

Londonist DMC

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