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Londonist DMC: ST Star Awards Winner Four Years in A Row!

We are happy to announce that we have won the ST Star Service Provider Award 2023 for the fourth consecutive time. 

Study Travel Network is a huge B2B platform for schools and study travel agencies for international students. Since 1998, Study Travel Network has been a connector for companies like us and schools and students all over the world. The Study Travel Network’s ST Magazine and ST Alphe Conferences are deemed one of the most elite events that are revered by people in our industry. Moreover, the ST Star Awards, an annual ceremony, celebrates excellence in the study travel industry. It recognizes and honors outstanding achievements among study travel agencies, secondary schools, vocational colleges, service providers, and language providers. The event typically draws a distinguished crowd, with numerous successful companies from both the service and education sectors in attendance as expected.

We once again had the privilege of attending this year's ST Alphe Conference, just as we have done consistently in previous years. The eagerly anticipated awards ceremony took place on the second day of the event, which was September 2nd 2023. As we entered the venue, we held onto the hope of clinching the prestigious ST Star Service Provider Award for the fourth consecutive time. However, we were well aware that our competitors were equally outstanding and committed in their service offerings.

Nonetheless, we assembled our finest team members, ready to represent Londonist DMC in the most exceptional manner possible. The moment of truth arrived when the results were unveiled, and the overwhelming feeling of exhilaration washed over us.

We won the Star Service Provider Category for the fourth time thanks to our stellar services for providing memorable experiences to students in London. Considering our fierce competitors, winning this award is more precious than ever. 

Being valued for our work as a result of excellent teamwork certainly motivates us to go above and beyond when it comes to our services. We would like to thank the ST Star Awards for recognising our services to our students again.

Londonist DMC

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