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Measures at our Residences

Your safety is our top concern here at Londonist. Your home must feel secure, we know that, and with the Covid-19 situation you may be anxious. We know that during these challenging times you’re going to want some reassurances from us about your health and wellbeing. We are keeping track of the Public Health England guidance and taking extra measures to keep you safe, so here are some details of what we are doing.

Londonist Support:

The Londonist team are giving additional support to all of our students, and we have an ‘out of hours’ contact for you, as well as 24 hour security on site. Londonist will also give each student their own personal hand sanitiser and Londonist face covering as standard.

We also have a QR code in every room. This is an innovative feedback system so that if you have a question or something needs the attention of our Operations team, you don’t even have to leave the room, you just scan the code, attach any images you have and send it off. Our Operations team will deal with it straight away.

Communal spaces:

Communal spaces such as our gyms and social spaces are closed at the moment according to government regulations, but we are ready for reopening, and they have all been assessed, so that when the time comes to open them up, we will be safe for you. We may need to reduce the number of people that can use each space at a time, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure these are communicated to you clearly. Each communal space is always cleaned regularly, but extra cleaning between uses will be carried out to limit any potential problems.

Social distancing:

A phrase we hadn’t heard of a few months ago! But we are up to date on measures outlined by the government to keep you and our staff well. We will ensure that social distancing rules are displayed throughout the residence so you can see what needs to be done to keep yourself, and us, safe. Do look out for them, and if you don’t understand do ask a team member who will be happy to help.


Our student residences are always super clean but extra precautions are now being taken as we want to be careful. Full personal protective equipment (PPE) is in place of course. And we have introduced even more frequent cleaning of areas that are touched regularly, such as door knobs, light switches, buttons and handles.


You, our students, are the priority, so we have reviewed our guest policy – see your residence rules for exact information, but in short, you’ll have a ‘support bubbles’ which is your network here, and with whom you can meet up indoors or outdoors, be less than the standard two metres apart and stay overnight with someone in your bubble. We know it can be confusing, but that’s why our team at Londonist can help, just ask us!

Also, we have introduced measures to safely collect post and packages in our residences to be more Covid-safe. We ask our residence to only order essential items, and once they have arrived our Reception staff will wear gloves to handle all the packages and mail to prevent contamination. If you are in quarantine, we’ll bring them up to your room, so you don’t have to leave.

Cancellation policy:

Things change regularly so we’ll always keep you informed. If travel restrictions are still in place near the time your booking is due to start, we will release you from your contract and refund your deposit and instalment fee. For this to happen you would need to give us the proof of travel restriction. We realise that some universities have delayed their start date until October due to the pandemic, but don’t worry, we are happy to defer your contract start date for you, just give us 4 week’s notice and we’ll sort it out for you. The same applies if they delay it even further, just let us know 4 weeks ahead of time.


We know that many of our students will be coming from overseas and you are most welcome! However, there are government guidelines on quarantine that you’ll need to stick to, and we’ll forward these to you before arrival so they are clear for you. And don’t worry, our team are ready and fully prepared to help you if you need to quarantine. This includes helping with your waste removal and giving you your deliveries, but also very importantly, supporting your mental wellbeing with virtual events, classes, activities and on-demand content to keep you busy and active. For example, you can join an online yoga class, virtually tour a museum (free!) and learn a new language!

Mental wellbeing

We know this is a tricky time. We are here for you. You can contact us out of hours if you have any concerns – whether it’s for you or for a friend. We have many resources provided by Student Minds, a brilliant mental health charity, and we can show you where to get support from Nightline too, a confidential listening and support service that is run by students for students. There is help and support there for you at all times.



All of these measures are for your safety and wellbeing. We want to be certain you feel reassured that everything possible is being done to keep you safe and well in your Londonist home

And when you’re safe and well, you can then focus on the having fun – oh – and the studying!

Londonist DMC

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