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Never a team to let the grass grow under our feet we have been hard at work here at Londonist HQ creating a new way to find and book your student accommodation easily and swiftly.

Our new online booking system makes it super easy to navigate your way around our wide range of student residences, each of their rooms and what you can enjoy when you get there. From North to South, East to West London we’ve got you covered. And not forgetting Dublin!

We have 35+ locations to choose from so we know this can be a tricky choice. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through! You can search by university to find your closest accommodation, by area and browse your way through the awesome facilities each home has to offer. You can even filter your choices by price, so you don’t need to worry about budgeting.

Need a gym? Check.
Want a simple en suite? Tick!
Transport to uni? Sure!
Fancy a sky lounge and views over London? Check.
Want your own kitchen? No problem.
Like to keep your budget under control? Of course.

And when you’ve found the perfect new home for your studies, we make it easy peasy lemon squeezy to book it.

We know that booking your student residence is an important decision, so our new online booking system will walk you through it. We believe in being transparent, so you’ll find all of the information, steps and payment methods helpful and a dream to work through. And we don’t stop there. Once you’ve chosen your fabulous new home, we have a selection of ways to make your move that little bit easier.

If you’ve had a long flight and just want to get there, you can book an airport transfer. If you want to have your room ready with all the bits and bobs you’ll need just select a bed linen or kitchen and bathroom pack (who needs to shop after a long journey?!). And if you know you’re not the tidiest person in the world you can book a regular cleaning service (lovely!).

Once you’ve chosen your options, we take you by the hand through the simple forms, payment processes and information you’ll need and within one working day you’ll get your invoice and details on how to pay from our very friendly team here at Londonist HQ.

Our team have been through this themselves, they know you just want it to be easy, so they’ve designed this booking system with YOU in mind. And if you need extra help they LOVE speaking to our students so they’re there to help when you need it.

After all, booking your new place to live should be easy and fun, not a drag. Time to get excited about your new pad!

Londonist DMC

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