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Well who wants some good news? We were just reading The Guardian article by Richard Adams, their Education Editor, about the record number of international students that have enrolled at UK Universities this autumn. That is such fantastic news!

With an increase of over 9% in non-UK and non-EU students in UK universities we at Londonist are happy that we have been a part of this success. These figures come from UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) and are a welcome piece of positivity for students, universities and partners everywhere! Read More

Here at Londonist, we have put in a lot of effort to ensure the students in our residences, and that our partners abroad, are clear on what measures and processes we have put in place. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those setting up their homes in our student accommodation has been in the front of our minds.

How have we done that?

Our partners overseas that are advising students have been kept very well informed of all updates (and my goodness, there have been many!) and we have been glad to reassure them on safety measures and precautions. Being clear with everyone has been a job in itself, but we are proud of our team and our partners for communicating efficiently.

Practically speaking, we have hand sanitisers and specially made Londonist face coverings for all of our guests. Staff do, of course, wear full personal protection equipment.

There are QR codes in each room so that any questions, problems or concerns can reach our team immediately, without the student even needing to leave their room. We give 24/7 support so there’s always someone available and security on site to ensure the safety of everyone.

We have also changed a few policies such as our cancellation policy to reassure everyone. And, so we can keep everything running smoothly, with extra safety in place, we changed some practical issues such as picking up parcels and deliveries, guests, social spaces and entrance and exits.

And we have been rewarded by this excellent UCAS news of an increase of 9%! We know that these students are travelling to the UK from many miles away, and know we have a responsibility to them which we take very seriously. It’s something we are honoured by - those students putting their trust in Londonist to keep them them safe, informed and healthy - and they will not be let down, we are with them every step of the way.

Londonist DMC

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