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Hackney Wick is one of the hippest boroughs in London. When you want to visit East London, strolling along Hackney Wick may not be enough since Hackney Wick is filled with events, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Especially if you are a student living in Hackney Wick Park, Hackney Wick is at the centre of every cultural activity. Unlike tourist-filled boroughs, Hackney Wick is mostly known by London locals. When you start discovering the borough, you will notice why this hidden gem of a neighbourhood is now one of the hippest places in London. So, let’s look at ten things you should do when you start living in Hackney Wick Park and why Hackney Wick is the perfect neighbourhood for a student who now lives in London!

1. Grab A Bite at Barge East

You cannot avoid Barge East when you are in Hackney Wick! Barge East is a historical barge that is right by the River Lee. When you are in Barge East, you can get a calm yet lively dinner. Barge East is open throughout the year and its street food places might be the best place to have a budget-friendly dinner with your friends while listening to the musicians all around you while enjoying the scenery. 

2. Look At Street Art in the Park District

Hackney Wick is famous for its street art. Even though the borough is not only limited to graffiti, Park District’s street art has to be seen by any traveller. Whether the street art includes popular culture references like television shows or political messages, Hackney Wick’s street art might be the true indicator of East London’s diversity. 

3. London Centre for Book Arts

London Centre for Book Arts is managed by artists. It is also an open-access studio that offers education for Hackney Wick residents or anyone from London in general. When you learn that Hackney Wick used to be known as the publisher’s paradise, the London Centre for Book Arts makes more sense to the travellers. If you are a student who is interested in publishing or just a fan of books in general, the London Centre for Book Arts is the perfect place to learn more about publishing. You can watch people make letterpress prints and bind their books. 

4. Hackney Bridge

Hackney Bridge is more than a bridge where you enjoy the scenery of Hackney Wick. Hackney Bridge is actually filled with bars, cafes and street food options. You can also shop from independent retailers and attend an event. If you are a new student who wants to mingle with the locals and fellow students like yourself, Hackney Bridge has many events that will leave you undecided because from exercise hours to shopping days that have specific interests, Hackney Bridge has more than enough. 

5. Hackney Wick Underground

Hackney Wick Underground is yet another artist-run organisation like the London Centre for Book Arts. There are many workshops that are focused on art in Hackney Wick Underground. From natural dye workshops to fun organisations like Sip and Paint events, Hackney Wick Underground can help you discover new hobbies or master the hobbies that you already have. If you don’t want to get involved, there will be musicians who perform live music in Hackney Wick Underground. Just grab a bite from a street vendor and enjoy the music. 

6. Colour Factory

Colour Factory in its essence is a venue… for most things. You can visit a food court, attend an organisation or listen to live music. But most importantly, Colour Factory can be a nightclub where you can listen to the most contemporary musicians. Colour Factory differs from other nightclubs thanks to its dedication to cultural inclusivity and diversity. Most nights you can enjoy the live music and dancing regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome in the Colour Factory. When you visit Colour Factory’s website, you’ll notice that there are many events that take place at night. Just choose one that relates to your interests and dance your heart out without worry. 

7. Hackney Marshes

If you want to take a solitary walk in nature, Hackney Marshes might be perfect for you. The locals visit Hackney Marshes to enjoy the greenery unless it’s Sunday! Hackney Marshes is reserved mainly for football on Sundays. Amateur football in local leagues come to Hackney Marshes to compete with each other as a part of the Sunday league football. If you are interested in football matches that don’t have higher stakes as much as professional football matches, Sundays in Hackney Marshes might be good for you. All the fun and passion of a regular football match, none the stress. At least, for you!

8. Victoria Park

You went to other parks in London but you felt like every park was filled with tourists and as a new student in London, you felt like you wanted to stroll around a park like a local. Victoria Park in East London might be perfect for you. Victoria Park is mostly visited by the locals. There are many areas to walk, have a small picnic that you prepared at home or ride a bicycle. If you didn’t prepare a picnic basket, there are great cafes at Victoria Park. You can spend a whole day at the park without getting bored once. Especially if you are a nature-lover. Just avoid kid birthday parties if you want to have a relaxed day. 

9. Skeeter’s Axe Throwing

You read it accurately! Hackney Wick may let you have a fun day especially if you want to take your new friends to a new place but you are worried that you are too socially awkward to let loose. At Skeeter’s Axe Throwing, you basically throw axes at wooden targets guided by teachers. No surprise that there are certain techniques for certain axes. You may feel like a Nordic warrior while throwing axes. Just make sure that you will be getting drinks after the event and not before. 

10. Made in Puglia 

When you are at Hackney Bridge, you may easily notice Made in Puglia. Because there will always be people at this restaurant! Made in Puglia is a pizza place that is known for its Neapolitan pizzas. Pizza doughs are fermented for 48 hours and after being stuffed by fresh vegetables and real Italian charcuterie products, the pizzas are served to its customers. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, fret not. Made in Puglia is also known for its vegan and vegetarian options, so you can enjoy the best Neapolitan pizza in East London without ruining your vegan/vegetarian diet. 

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