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They say communication is key and that is what we try our best to do with all our current and prospective clients. In this blog we want to update you on COVID measures and further additions to our support package which we now call Covid Care.

At Londonist, we realise that merely sending you occasional articles or newsletters about our efforts is not enough to make you feel at ease or in control of this pandemic. Situations change almost daily, and we want to make it as convenient for you as we possibly can. We do not have the answers, unfortunately, and we cannot predict the future but what we can do is provide you with a safe and secure space where you can have access to important info and self-help features.

We have developed a space on our website called Covid Care where you can see updates as they occur and all the efforts we have implemented for your comfort, safety and peace of mind. On this page you can find answers if you are ..

You can also find out about all the measures taken within all our residences when reading this blog:,

And for anyone wanting even more support we have developed a special package covering all your needs from the moment you arrive with our Quarantine+ package. This is all you need to feel safe and it include 2 Weeks FREE accommodation so that you don’t lose any money during that time.

There is all the support you may need on these pages or you can simply call or message us on our LIVE free chat box which you can find on Your safety is our priority and we want you to know that you can count on us.

Londonist DMC

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