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Asim Erturk's Interview on British Yasam TV
General News 2023-08-25

Stepping into the spotlight, our Managing Director, Asim Erturk, recently engaged in a captivating interview on the esteemed YouTube channel, British Yasam TV. The channel has gained acclaim for crafting news content that highlights and supports Turkish businesses and entrepreneurs living in the UK. 

In this enlightening dialogue, he delved into the extraordinary expedition of Londonist DMC – from its humble origins with 30 rooms in London to its current stature of providing over 3000 rooms to 10,000 students hailing from over 170 countries. This expansion has extended to various cities in the UK including London, Dublin, Manchester, and more. Furthermore, he provided insights into our dynamic team, whose contributions span from offices in London, Istanbul, and Shanghai, shaping the essence of Londonist DMC. He has also illuminated the origins of the Londonist Investments brand. Furthermore, he discussed the specific regions in which Londonist Investments offers its services, delved into the evolving landscape of the investment sector in the UK, and highlighted our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Moreover, Mr. Erturk offered personal insights into his own international student experience in the UK, unveiling how this transformative period became the wellspring of inspiration that led him to establish and manage Londonist, now a pioneering force in the student accommodation sector.

Through his narrative, he illuminated his aspiration to offer an exceptional  "home away from home" experience to every aspiring student venturing to pursue their studies in the UK. The interview was a testament to our commitment to fostering an environment that mirrors the comforts and familiarity of home for each and every student as well as it highlighted our commitment to become the future of real estate in the UK, Turkey, and Greece. 

Feel free to watch the complete interview by clicking here.

Though the interview was done in Turkish, you can watch it with English subtitles. 


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