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Belta Features Londonist DMC in ie! Magazine
General News 2024-04-18

Londonist DMC has been recommended as the premier provider of student accommodation in the UK by Belta, the first association of exchange agents in Latin America. In their magazine, ei! International Education, Belta highlighted the exceptional services offered by Londonist DMC beyond just accommodation, including airport transfers, cleaning, kitchen kits, and more.

At Londonist DMC, we are driven by our passion for providing seamless student accommodation services worldwide without requiring a guarantor and with flexible payment options. We are immensely proud to have received this recognition from Belta in ei! magazine and remain committed to providing our clients with exceptional services using our professionalism and expertise.

Londonist: A New Way of Student Accommodation Services

Londonist DMC offers short- and long-term stays ranging from 2 to 51 weeks at over 50 locations across London. The agency provides comprehensive services beyond accommodation, such as airport transfers, cleaning, student travel insurance, kitchen kits, etc. Moreover, its online platform serves as a hub for students to access local events, shopping discounts, and tour vouchers, enhancing their living experience in London. At Londonist DMC, we aim to empower students worldwide to fulfil their dreams by making finding student accommodation easier, eliminating the need for a guarantor, and offering flexible payment options.

With Londonist DMC, recommended by Belta, a pioneering association of exchange agents in Latin America, you can experience the best of London and unlock your full potential as a student. Discover your gateway to premium accommodations in the UK by diving into ei! International Education magazine. Get inspired to live your best life as a student with Londonist DMC.  


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