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Celebrating Asim Erturk's Top 10 Inspiring CEO Recognition by CXO Magazine
General News 2024-04-16

We're excited to share that Asim Erturk, the visionary founder and CEO of Londonist DMC, has been honoured by CXO Magazine as one of the Top 10 Inspiring CEOs. This prestigious acknowledgement highlights Erturk's exceptional supervision and significant impact on the real estate and hospitality industries.

At Londonist DMC, Asim Erturk has been the driving force behind our success. 

His unwavering determination, forward-thinking approach, and dedication to excellence have moved us to new heights and established Londonist DMC as a trusted name in student accommodation and hospitality. Asim Erturk has transformed Londonist DMC and Uninist and inspired countless individuals within our team and across the industry. His ability to steer challenges, welcome innovation, and encourage inclusive communities has been instrumental in shaping our mindset. We are incredibly proud of Asim Erturk's achievements and grateful for his commitment to Londonist DMC's mission of redefining the student accommodation experience.  This recognition by CXO Magazine is a testament to his outstanding business vision, which inspires us all.

Join us in congratulating Asim Erturk on this well-deserved honour. 

We look forward to continuing our journey under his guidance and supervision as we aspire to create inclusive and empowering spaces for students worldwide.


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