Bookings are only guaranteed after full payment, including any administration fee, has been made. Londonist DMC Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any booking where payment has not been received by the due date which is 2 weeks before the arrival of students.



2.1 All payments must be made in pounds sterling (GBP) as all our payments are invoiced in UK pound sterling.

2.2 All the outstanding amounts of money must be paid 21 days after the invoice date or 2 weeks before guest’s proposed move-in date, whichever is the sooner. All late reservation requests will require payment in full prior to arrival.

2.4 We will not pay for any bank charges. This also applies to any refunds payable to the guest. Refunds will be made in the same method that the payment was received and will be at our discretion.

2.5 For international bank transfers, please add £10 to your payment to cover all bank charges in the UK or 3% if you are paying by credit card. It is important that when making payments to us, you consult your bank with regards to any charges in your country that may be applicable. We will not cover the bank charges from your country.



We must be notified of the arrival time at least two working days before arrival in the UK otherwise we cannot guarantee that there will be a host waiting at home or at hall’s reception, nor will we be held responsible for any expenses incurred because of this.



We reserve the right to move a guest from their accommodation or refuse to accommodate any guest should their behaviour be deemed unacceptable. Any student will be responsible for acting by the rules of the accommodation where student is staying.



5.1 We will seek alternative accommodation for any guest unsatisfied with their accommodation. In this Case, 1 week notice must be given to us to find an alternative suitable accommodation for the student. Students will be responsible for any cancellation or accommodation replacement charges which is usually 2-week time cost of stay.

5.2 We will not be responsible for the payment of fees for hotel stays or accommodation not booked by us in case you choose not to stay in the booked accommodation, for any reason.



For any guest wishing to leave their room early after arrival, there will be no refund available.



7.1 Should a guest wish to extend their stay, we must be given at least 1 week notice. Extensions are subject to availability. If an extension is not possible, we will endeavour to find a similar alternative accommodation.

7.2 All revisions and extensions to a guest’s stay must come through us directly.



8.1 Non Visa Refusal: Both in residential accommodations or homestay accommodations, before the arrival of students, with 2 week notice given to us, there will be no charge except the booking fee. Up to 2-week before the accommodation start date, any cancellation request will be 2 week accommodation charge plus booking fee charge.

8.2 Visa Refusal: In residential accommodation, if less than 1 week notice given to us, there will be 1 week accommodation charge plus booking fee. More than 1 week before the arrival there is no cancellation to be charged.

8.3 If a guest has been refused entry into the UK, we must receive a copy of the visa refusal letter from the British Embassy within 15 days of it being issued if any refund is to be awarded. In such cases, we will not refund (if applicable) the booking fee and 1st week of accommodation fee as a no show cost. Failure to send us a copy of the Visa refusal letter in time will mean for the guest to incur the Non-Visa Refusal cancellation charges above.

8.4 For all “no-shows”, the guest will incur the Non Visa Refusal cancellation charges above. A “no-show” occurs when a student or guest fails to arrive at the homestay/residential accommodation on the confirmed arrival date without previous notification to us.

8.5 Cancellation requests must be received during office hours, which are from 09.00 – 18.00 (GMT) Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays (including the days between Christmas and New Year) are excluded.

8.6 Bookings can only be cancelled prior to the starting date. After the beginning of the tenancy, cancellation policy no longer applies and any outstanding fees must be paid in full regardless of any circumstances.



9.1 We advise all guests to take out travel insurance to cover matters concerning personal injuries and loss or damage of personal items. The host family can accept no responsibility for such matters during the guest’s stay.

9.2 In homestay accommodation; use of phone, washing facilities, and appliances are up to the discretion of the host. Loss of front door keys, and damage to property belonging to the host are payable by the guest. The guest is expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner in terms of using host’s facilities, noise and inviting guests to the home.

9.3 Londonist DMC strongly advice the agencies to hold 250GBP deposit to protect themselves in case of any damages to be given to the host family or residential accommodation. Londonist will act immediately to charge the required damage cost from students; in case students refuse to pay the cost, the amount will be deducted from the deposit amount. Appointed agencies full support and cooperation is fully required in such cases.



*Londonist DMC Ltd offers net and gross prices; gross prices, to be provided for students and the net prices to be provided only the appointed agencies. * The commission amount may vary on the booking length and weekly price of the accommodation. Please refer to our price list for all net & gross prices. * Londonist DMC Ltd may receive the payment in gross or net amount; Net payment is to be transferred by the agencies on behalf of students the commission deducted amount. As in gross payments Agency is responsible to provide the invoice for the commission amount. *Commissions are payable on the first booking of each student on the rates that is prepared separately on annual prices chart. The accommodation extensions are not commissionable.


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